Grill Masters Log: UDS Mini

As I have mentioned before, a few years ago I acquired an offset smoker that someone was getting rid of. Since then I have been hooked on smoking meat. All kinds, ribs, shoulder, chicken, and turkey. I have since outgrown the old faithful offset smoker and replaced it with an 55 gallon drum Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS).

The UDS is a thing of beauty. So simple in design yet able to delivery quality bar-b-que, and a lot of it. The only problem I have is the standard UDS is not very portable. Mainly, I can’t take it camping as it will not fit through the 22″ wide camper door.

What could be better then coming back from the beach at dinner time to find a perfectly smoke pork shoulder? Hence the mini Ugly Drum Smoker, or mUDS, was born.

After a bit of searching I was only able to find two post, here & here, with working pictures of a Mini UDS over at From there I was able to design my own version.

Head over to for the full write-up in all its boring detail. I have also saved the full write-up pdf file for future reference.

The Instructable lays out my process for designing and assembling a mini UDS, based on a 16 gallon drum that measures 14.5″ dia. x 27″ tall.



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